Speeding in Steeple Morden

Since March 2019, the Parish Council has operated two MVAS cameras (Mobile Vehicle-Activated Signs) in our village with the aim to reduce the speed of all vehicles. They record the speed, date and time of every vehicle passing in both directions. A comparison of the data obtained in the first and last six month of the two years in operation shows that the number of vehicles passing the cameras over the speed limit has not altered much.

MVAS analysis 15feb21
MVAS analysis 15feb21

In response to these results, the Parish Council has applied for 40mph buffer zones on Station Road and Hay Street entering the village. We have approved a contribution of over £2 k towards these measures should our application be successful. Other measures are being considered and applications have been submitted for further calming measures.

We also need to restart our roadside Speedwatch team once restrictions are lifted. We need your help, if you would be interested in helping to run a village Speedwatch team or have any comment, please contact:

Steeple Morden Parish Council