Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Check out a few locations around our Parish:

Click on an image then:

  • drag – to move direction of view
  • click on an arrowhead – to move in that direction
  • click on a rectangle – to look in that direction
  • scroll wheel – to zoom in or out (or use + and -)

Here we on Church Street passing the church on our right. Just behind and to our left departs Cheyney Street. Ahead on our left is the Waggon & Horses Pub/Restaurant.

Here we are at North Brook End on Flecks Lane (Guilden Morden Road ahead Shingay Road behind), heading West towards Guilden Morden.

Here we up at the entrance to the old Steeple Morden airfield where we see the war memorial to the 355th Fighter Group and those who served here. Ahead of us is Steeple Morden, behind us is Litlington.

Here we in Odsey, on Station Road looking North from the bridge over the railway. To our right is the ramp leading to the railway station and ahead on the left is the Jester Hotel / Pub / Restaurant. Steeple Morden is approx 2 miles ahead (Notrh).

Steeple Morden Parish Council